Duck Derby



The Third Annual Rio Duck Derby is in the books and we have 27 winners including OneRio and the Freshmen class!

Here’s the details:

1,408 raffle ducks sold

$21,408 raised

$1,000 earned by Freshmen class for selling most ducks (Duck Dunker:Principal Ginter)


Congratulations to our 2017 Duck Derby Winners!

 $500 Grand Prize Winners 

Number          Name                     Student Seller

  1. 513          Karen Roberts       (Mari Zimmerman)
  2. 860        Megan McGlamery

$100 Bonus Winners 

  1. 38      Mary Dixon                (Mathew Dixon)
  2. 148    Mary Dixon                (Mitchell Dixon)
  3. 214    Larinda Lindholm
  4. 237    Christina Johnson   (Peyton Johnson)
  5. 377    G. DeLasse                (Gabby Klemmer DeLasse)
  6. 449   Pearl Osecheck         (Jacob Osecheck)
  7. 487   Madeline Heintz
  8. 533   Karrin Waldmire      (Johnathaan Waldmire)
  9. 563   Shannon Huddy       (Adeline Huddy)
  10. 636   Kent & Stacey Harrison  (Kellan O’Connor)
  11. 670   Laurie Earl                (Sam Cooperman-Earl)
  12. 862   Andy Oushakoff       (Sophia Oushakoff)
  13. 880  Marianne McMorris      (Julianna McMorris)
  14. 931   G. DeLasse                 (Maggie Klemmer DeLasse)
  15. 936  Jennifer Ellis
  16. 966  Carrie Engh               (Lilliana Dall’Era)
  17. 1033  Heather Waters      (Reagan Welch)
  18. 1056  Judy Morales          (Isabela Sue)
  19. 1075  Michelle Knepshield     (Ashley Knepshield)
  20. 1097  Pearl Osecheck       (Jacob Osecheck)
  21. 1319  Pearl Osecheck       (Eric Osecheck)
  22. 2492  Kelly Lewellen       (Catherine Mastronarde)
  23. 2621   Nan Mohrfeld       (Wyatt Mohrfeld)
  24. 2529  Lisa Calk                 (Victoria Calk)
  25. 2669  Heather Waters    (Reagan Welch)

Winners will be notified by email or called. Checks will be mailed to designated address with FREE Quick Quack Car Wash!

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  • Rio Duck Derby sales starts Fri, Sept 8 and ends Thursday, Sept. 21.
  • Through student and online sales sell 3,000 raffle rubber ducks for $10.
  • Order forms will be handed out in 5th period on Friday, Sept. 8 (also available in Attendance office and HERE)
  • No ducks will change hands. Raffle #’s will be assigned to duck purchase. To see your raffle number see below.
  • All forms and money will be turned into Attendance office.
  • Ducks can be purchased online through the Rio Americano website: and org/DuckDerby
  • Rio Duck Derby raffle will take place Friday, Sept. 22 at lunch at the Rio pool.
  • Class that sells the most ducks wins $1,000, Duck Derby T-shirts, and first entry into pool deck during raffle drawing.
  • Winning class has their Duck Dunker choose winning ducks.
    • Freshmen: Brian Ginter
    • Sophomores: Jason Korich
    • Juniors: Brian Asher
    • Seniors: Greg Snyder
  • Two ducks will win $500
  • 25 ducks will win $100
  • Winners will be notified via email and posted on org/DuckDerby.
  • The Duck Derby Celebration will be Friday, April 22 at lunch with live music, BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs and dessert sales by Crazy for Yogurt.
  • Top 25 sellers will get their food for free at the Duck Derby Celebration and iTunes gift card.
  • Winners of Starbucks, iTunes, Chipotle, Crazy for Yogurt, and other gift cards plus Duck Derby T-shirts and Rio gear will be chosen in a weekly raffle from people who have turned in order forms and money and Top 5 sellers.
  • Any questions please contact Kelli Wheeler at


Click HERE to see your 2017 Raffle Duck Number(s)!

Click HERE to see list by number.


Final Update

The Second Annual Rio Duck Derby is in the books and we have 27 winners including OneRio and the Sophomore class!

Here’s the details:

868 raffle ducks sold

$14,586.00 raised

$1,000 earned by sophomore class for selling most ducks

Davis picks ducks


Congratulations to our 2016 Duck Derby Winners!

 $500 Grand Prize Winners DuckDerbyLogo

Number          Name                     Student Seller

  1. 883          Maro Maguire       (Cela Chamness)
  2. 1037        Kristi Calcagno     (Lauren Calcagno)

$100 Bonus Winners QuickQuackDDDhighres

  1. 291      Yvette Gordon      (Katie Borg)
  2. 360     Jamie Chally                     N/A
  3. 384     Clark Holley          (Jacob Osecheck)
  4. 403     Sally McMorris     (Julianna McMorris)
  5. 424     Paula Harris          (Meghan Harris)
  6. 472     Amy Accinelli        (Cela Chamness)
  7. 484    AJ Paulus                    N/A
  8. 524    Laura Osecheck    (Jacob Osecheck)
  9. 558    Vita Wunschel      (Claire Wunschel)
  10. 867   Suzanne Gibbons          N/A
  11. 879   Alicia Fowler           (Josh Fowler)
  12. 882  Maria Ravera          (Madeline Ravera)
  13. 956  Tom Armstrong      (Bela Armstrong)
  14. 984  Laura Heintz           (Madeline Heintz)
  15. 1002   Julie Sazaki          (Tyler Sazaki)
  16. 1012   Trish Kotal            (Jack Kotal)
  17. 1014   Kristi Calcagno     (Lauren Calcagno)
  18. 1059   Chris Ford             (Sam Ford)
  19. 1092   Julie Sazaki           (Tyler Sazaki)
  20. 1143   Mary Newby-Lintz      N/A
  21. 1249   Michelle Phipps   (Logan Wheeler)
  22. 1272   Nancy Mohrfeld          N/A
  23. 1423   Christie Jahns    (Claire Wunschel)
  24. 1597   Sandie Lewin      (Zach Lewin)
  25. 1619   Patti Wirz             (Claire Wunschel)

Winners will be notified by email or called. Checks will be mailed to designated address with FREE Quick Quack Car Wash!