Anti-Vaping Alliance

Dear Rio Community,

As we prepare to welcome students back to campus in August. we also are preparing to address the vaping epidemic that has hit our community. We hope you will share some of the educational materials below and remind students that all San Juan Unified schools are smoke-free/vape-free campuses.

You may have seen stories in the news this week about how the FDA has warned us of the youth a-cigarette epidemic and how “big tobacco” and companies like Juul have targeted our young people with sleek advertising, fruity- and candy­ flavored tobacco and extremely high nicotine levels in Juul pods. Last year Rio disciplined nearly 100 students for vaping­related issues. Instruction was interrupted many times as well due to fire alarms being set off by students vaping the bathrooms.

Because we see a major need to educate our students about the dangers of nicotine and marijuana to the developing brain…and about the potential for long-term adverse health effects,  we have created an Anti-Vaping Alliance with

administrators, counselors, parents, healthcare professionals and students involved.  We are working on developing messaging campaigns, on-campus signage, curriculum additions, community events, after-school activities and alternatives to suspension. If you or your student would like to be involved, please e-mail vice principal Rob Kerr at, counselor Meghan Wilson at  or parent Anne DelCore at .

Learn more about a-cigarettes, nicotine and dangers for teens:
CDC Quick Facts on Risks of E-cigarettes for Teens
Know the Risks – E-cigarettes and Young People
CNN – Eight Teens/Lung Damage/Vaping
YouTube Video – Flavored Tobacco

Look for weekly messages here and please reach out if you want to be involved. This is an “all-hands-on-deck” situation to protect the health of our students and provide a safe learning environment in our school.

Anne DelCore
Anti-Vaping Alliance